Paradise Oils Virgin Organic Coconut Oil


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Discover soft skin and healthy hair with the hydration of Paradise Oils Virgin Organic Coconut Oil.
Apply a generous amount to the scalp and hair ends daily. Apply to face and skin as needed for daily moisturizing.
Cocos nucifera (Virgin organic coconut oil).
Coconut oil is a natural oil extracted from matured coconuts of the coconut palm tree. Ayurvedic medicine texts written in Sanskrit 4,000 years ago report the health benefits of coconut oil. The people of the Philippines call the coconut palm tree "the tree of life", based on its highly valued source of energy-dense food and as folk medicine. Coconut water was administered to wounded soldiers during World War II, via IV tube, to provide sterile hydration.
Throughout the 20th century, coconut oil was the preferred cooking oil for manufacturers in North America because of its great taste, texture, and stability. This trend halted once nutritional guidelines encouraged Americans to adopt low-fat diets. Though coconut oil was presumed to consist of unhealthy saturated fat, experts were unaware of its unique chemical chain that considers the oil to be, on the contrary, completely digestive friendly. The point is, coconut oil remains a very healthy choice for humans.
Don't harm your body with the popularized mineral oil. Choose the natural option instead, with Paradise Oils Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. The #1 choice for an excellent massage oil. Replenish your skin or your silky hair with our light-weight, natural oil. Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is a great seal-in moisturizer. Promote better health with the limitless capabilities of Paradise Oils Virgin Organic Coconut Oil.